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Erika Tessarolo Works Experience

Erika Tessarolo Date of Birth / Date of Birth: April 14, 1986

Desenzano del Garda – Brescia

Email: erikatessaroloofficial@gmai.com

Education / School

Middle school diploma

hotel management School

Work Experience / Work Experience:

2001 Bartender at Cafe del Porto san Felice (BS)

2002 Worker at Tessarolo Ugo’s Show Games until 2006

2006 Part time waitress at Italian Ristorante Exotic

2006 CEO / Owner and Owner of Show Games Production until 2016

2011 Hostess for Can Nautical Nautica Rai Amsterdam fair

2013 CEO / CEO Show Games Italy srl (Active to date)

2014 CEO / CEO of Show Games US LLC (USA) (active today)

to this day hand-crafted sculptures covered in leather and hand-modeled foam

2015/2020 Ozone production machines for closed environmental disinfection and components.

2017 Hostess in VinItaly for Cantina Silvestroni

2017 Hostess for famous Hawaiian eyewear brand Maui Jim

2015/2017 educational trip to the United States and Latin America.

2018/2020 Mechanical Art Sculptures used as entertainment games sold all over the world

2019/2020 Design and creation of automated intelligent software to be applied on machines and services.

Signed Important Contracts:

2013 contracts with various well-known brands such as Decathlon / Lidl / Mac Donald / Bud / Bayer and many others

2014 Official marketing of Show Games products in the United States market

2016 Contract with Fun Sport Park Kissimee, the oldest park in Florida USA

2014 Gardaland Park for Merlin Group

2015 Mirabilandia Park for Parque Reunidos Group

2015 Official Company chosen as entertainment at the Finale Rugby J4 Milan, Event organized by the United States of America Fundraising for Children’s.

2017/2020 Exclusive mechanical art works for entertainment distributed as unique pieces in the world market including the major buyers customers from  United States – Europe – United Arab Emirates – Oman and many others.

2020 Copyright design of automatic electronic control systems for unmanned games, and for employee control, applicable to different control / security / rental systems, etc.

2020 Contract with EET entertainment Florida Miami for the production of a single piece Space Cowboy (BullThor) mechanical art bull, a single piece with a fusion of elements such as LED technology, smoke technology, audio technology, recycling with foam and various kinds of elements, completely customized.

2020 Round1 entertainment amusement play center Russia contract for Buffalo Rodeo family entertainment art game customization


2015 Career Award Women who made it “EXPO Edition at the Lombardy Region Offices in Milan

2018 Recognition of the Emerging Art Artist by the National Association for Research and Safeguarding of Antiques and Fine Arts.

2018 Minerva D’oro Young Entrepreneur Award from Manerba del Garda (she was able to export her business to America and the world by making the name of Manerba known even beyond the ocean)

2019 Enegan Luce e Gas Chooses Erika and Show Games as the Face for the new Campaign – Save the Planet – committed to Recycling, Erika and Show Games currently recycle 85% of the materials used for production.

2019 Confirmation of acceptance by SIAE as an Italian Artist for other types of art at SIAE

2020 European Artist of the Year Trophy issued by ART Expo under the patronage of the municipality of Cesenatico on 27 June 2020

2020 Palma d’oro Trophy Venice 19 September 2020 at Hotel Principe.

Known languages

Italian: First Language

English: Medium/Good

Spanish: Second Language

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