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I want to be an inspiration.

yes i’m a Woman

but if you want you can! i’m the confirm that everything it is possible.

Tessarolo Erika ( Art Designer & Business Women)  was born in Desenzano del Garda  Italy on 14/04/1986.

Hello, thank you for visit my web site, i’am Erika Tessarolo Italian Art Designer & Business Woman, present in the world market since 2006, I would like to let you know a part of my story, of my life, in order to be an inspiration for other women who sometimes need only an example or a stimulus to take their life in hand and change or improve it, with you I could reach the goal I have dreamed of for years.

I’m Italian-born with mix of origins ,I am the eldest of two daughters, and I grew up in a family with an entrepreneur father who has always tried to undertake his path in his own way, he has always done so without ever giving up, that’s why from a young age he showed me, he gave me the opportunity to look at life with different eyes, thanks to this I have learned, to become today the woman of Inspiration that I always wanted to be.

From personal experience, I can say that each of us when he comes into the world has trials to overcome, obstacles and victories, but in many cases it is much more difficult for women.

We are seen as objects, we are seen as “Not at the height” and if we are at the height they try in every way to stop us, or not to let us get what we deserve, or to achieve what we dream, dimming our light that it would be uncomfortable for some, luckily the world is changing and many are waking up and looking at things with different eyes.

(So many times in my life I have been told … you are a Woman you have to stay in your place, or here is not your place… it breaks my heart, but it will never break my ideals and my dreams)

Since I was little I had the desire to reach my dreams and become what I wanted without imposed limits, I have always seen my limiting culture, limiting ways of life and limiting people’s thinking, everything has always been pre-established for to limit.

My classmates humiliated me and insulted me for my family situation (my father had a horse ranch as it was his only opportunity to support us he devoted himself to that until he changed jobs by becoming a game builder) they insulted me with offensive words that an elementary school child is not prepared for such insults or offenses.

Even in middle and high school I encountered difficulties with the operators who “belittled me” (saying words like: you will never be anyone, you are like animals, and I won’t add anything else ..) they prevented the birth of all my dreams and ideas, I remember one of many episodes in middle school: the art teacher belittled me by telling me that I would never make it and that my tests were horrible, and therefore I put aside art by repressing one of my talents with which I express my essence.

I didn’t want to be the same as all the other girls who preferred to find the shortest and easiest way, to get what they wanted, I decided, it was time to commit myself to fight and prove to myself that I could do it, not to prove to the others something but to be an example to those like me who are repressed or try to stop it.

Therefore I decided that the first thing to do was to live alone to learn to be independent, at the age of 17 I began to walk this path, episodes and adverse phases of life involved various problems including the bad business performance of my father’s company , the loss of the family home, the company workplace and unexpected and heavy debts that an 18-year-old girl would never think she has on her shoulders.
The company created by my father in 1990 was initially a success in the entertainment games sector, but since 2004, interest has begun to decline.

Despite the fear I decided that the thing to do was “Save what someone created without knowing exactly where to start” thus giving up knowing who Erika really was, I left school without graduating, keeping only a middle school certificate, time was running out and not I could afford to lose it.

Whether through negligence, fraud on the part of various people who live by taking advantage of the goodness of others, my father’s ignorance of laws and behaviors that should be had in the world of work and life, all around me, was going completely in rolls.

In my mind there was only Salvare, but to do it I did not know that I would have to go through so many disappointments and humiliations, especially on the part of men who were too sexist to say the least, because basically the world of construction and work is reserved for men, if you do not lower yourself below their conditions.
And here again the challenge encourages me to give my best without compromise, without going “below”.

I studied all the regulations and laws that could have protected my family, to protect those I loved because of scams and misfortunes, trying to find the correct way so that no lawyer or person who would have represented me would find me unprepared and had protected me as it was correct to do.

I searched for facts and documents on the abuses and scams that my family had suffered, so that in the courts it was not forgotten that who is a thief must not always win, and that those who have money must not always win even if they do not have the reason, to restore dignity to my family, but as I expected and as we know it works in my country who has the most knowledge wins, who has more money who is bigger … and the truth is left in the last place.

In the meantime, I concentrated on my work, I stopped fighting in lawsuits and other things that would only have sucked up my time, to understand what was wrong with my father’s methods but above all how the work was really done, I always thought that a good Leader is a good Entrepreneur he must know his work from A to Z if he wants everything to work perfectly to set an example for those who will help him.

I built myself, with only the economic possibility that I had (very little) by putting myself to the test every day, still I do not stop doing it, learning to work with my hand, on the front line, welding, electronics, resin coating, art, sewing practically learning to do everything, hard work both physically and mentally for a man let alone a woman, because no one could tell me you can’t do it you are not up to it, even if they thought so.
(In this regard, I thank my father for giving me the opportunity to learn a profession even at a minor age, although no one wanted to teach me I watched / observed “him” working, collaborators and employees, while in my mind I stored information, their methods and looking at it I realized how wrong they were, thus giving me the opportunity not to make the same mistakes and to proceed in the opposite direction).

I tried to have a relationship with the clients we had, but most thought about taking me to bed, than buying from me, making me waste time and money, at night because of this, I cried and cried because without work I could not pay all of them the expenses and I had responsibilities, a family, employees, and everything an entrepreneur has to sustain in order to survive.

I have tried to have a relationship with those in my sector who dealt with similar things, but I have never been taken seriously, I have always been seen for them as a woman, one not competent, not at their level, one to keep in her place , and not take her into consideration for opportunities or creations that she could have brought or improved for the common good, on the contrary I have always been treated with indifference trying to dim my light.

I remember well an episode that broke my heart, IAAPA 2016 Orlando USA, like every year and like all exhibitors I was present with a stand, exhibiting my products, they do not discount anyone so we should all be the same, that’s why that year there was an opportunity to present itself as innovative technology of the year.

In 2015 I had created an intelligent security system added to the one that already existed in my products, which guaranteed 100% safe and unmanned use, the only action and art game used in amusement parks without operators of management, 100% safe and used by parks such as Gardaland / Mirabilandia, Fun Spot park orlando and many others.

Like all exhibitors at the Fair, I filled out my application while waiting for the commission to pass, for the live presentation of the project which, seen in person, is completely different from reading a presentation.
The commission passed by all the candidates except me, the only Woman …. disappointed again I went personally to the commission who replied that it was not true that they had seen them … but none of them had ever seen me before in fact they did not know that I was the CEO until I said it, then they invited me to ousted to the office without any explanation…

It was my last year as an exhibition fair, I didn’t participate anymore. (despite my father having participated in it since 1990) I decided that if someone appreciates me for my work, they call me, tell me their dream or idea and I realize it, a fair does not say who I am or who I am, a Paid fair organization should respect every single member.

Settling all this was in my power and capacity, I began this forced life, in a job that was not my dream, but I had to do it for the good of all, giving up on me, fighting against adversity, the difficulties I am still giving today the best of me not to give up so that my dreams can materialize into reality.

That’s why inspired by an innate artistic sense within me, I decided to transform this work into Art and Entertainment, trying to express what my imagination transmits to my hands to Create.

I have merged Art, electronics, mechanics, software, recycling and much more to create innovation, safe but Artistic technological entertainment that is UNIQUE.

Thanks to this, another forced change was also created, the corporate political one. I have lost many customers who do not have the same vision as me but I have also obtained others who also appreciate my work and me.

Practicing more and more this totally Artistic / Inventive and Artisan path, it was my passion, compliance, willpower combined with an innate creativity, to give me the courage to face the challenges that presented themselves without ever giving up.

The decision to approach art, (despite the insecurities caused as a child) gave me the opportunity to look inside myself for a way to express my Singular and Unique creativity by transforming my imagination into reality, even if I had a pre-set activity for years it was so that I faced the change.

By creating a more complex system, but one that reflects me more, making the “Corporate Purpose”: the company and customer approach, transforming it into a “People & People and Not Numbers” approach.

For me “Behind everything and action there is a person, there are feelings, there are families”, my clients for me are like a part of the “Family – Friends”.
In each of my creations there is the expression of my soul, which is why it is impossible to treat customers only as a number.

Also we have to help with every single action to save the Planet and therefore in my world I try to Recycle all possible materials to build new things.

I chose art because it can be a means of happiness, beauty of expression and entertainment, but above all a possibility of earning within everyone’s reach and no longer just a static thing for galleries or exhibitions ”

I started by modeling the old styles of glass-resin series molds (thus recycling 90% of the material) into new and unique pieces of art covered and molded from recycled foam and leather, material that no one would use in recycling products, such as foam and resin that would pollute, recycling always takes place guaranteeing efficiency, safety, quality and uniqueness Made in Italy – as I like to say to me “Made in Brescia”.

I can say, however, that it is really hard, the customers are much less, many times if I do not have another woman in front of me I am not even taken into consideration even in my sector they know exactly that I am the best technologically, in quality, in safety, in professionalism even on a human level, many do not intend to work with me because despite everything they only see a woman… and for them I remain so.

Despite everything I am here to fight in the search for myself, in surviving alone, in the fight for my ideals but above all to appreciate myself as a Woman, both for my Head, for my Heart, and for my Body which is perfect just as it is, even though I can’t take care of it like a normal woman.
I challenged my skills to give me proof that if I want I can and I decided that I would also try to be a model for fun and as a confirmation for myself, I succeeded, giving me proof that the power is inside me, my willpower, fight and don’t give up on what you believe.

I tried to turn what I didn’t love into something I love, give smiles and be inspirational, PROUD to be ITALIAN.

My Family already recognized on American soil, thanks to the Uncle by Paternal Grandmother Maria “Demo”, The Demo family is recognized in New York precisely for the incredible deeds of Father Demo Antonio (a good example, inspiration and altruism), to whom they dedicated a square and a church, called Father Demo Square Bleecker St & Carmine St, New York, NY 10014, United States, pastor of one of the most famous churches in New York, savior of refugees and asylum seekers.

I started traveling alone, I went to New York to meet who runs the church in honor of my family, I traveled to know different cultures, removing all the limits imposed by my culture and society making me become the Woman I am today, I visited many countries and customers who have appreciated me and to whom I have also given an opportunity to grow and have a future thanks to my support.

I am pleased to confirm that not everything is just difficulties, thanks to these choices of mine, taking risks, fighting and believing in them.

The first acknowledgments began to arrive without looking for them…. so it was that I decided to entrust my life in the hands of my destiny and my choices:

the “Women Who Made It” Award, Expo 2015 edition,
As described: “We are pleased to inform you that the Evaluation Commission of
nominations for the “Women Who Made It Award” EXPO 2015 edition
has selected his name for the award of the Prize, evaluating
positively his commitment in the world of work, for his professional growth e
for the enthusiasm combined with the creativity it shows in every relationship occasion ”

Award that Erika has dedicated to the Family and to the Father who has been an inspiration and example both in positive and negative, learning from the mistakes of others to achieve the excellence that today supports her on her journey.

2017 Young Italian Artists accepts registration as an emerging Italian artist
2018 Recognition of the Emerging Art Artist by the National Association for Research and Safeguarding of Antiques and Fine Arts.
2018 Minerva D’oro Award Young Entrepreneur from Manerba del Garda (she was able to export her business to America and the world by making the name of Manerba known even beyond the ocean)
2019 Enegan Luce e Gas chose Erika as the Face for the new Campaign – Save the Planet – committed to Recycling, Erika and Show Games currently recycle 85% of the materials used for production.
2019 Confirmation of acceptance by SIAE as an Italian Artist for other types of Visual Arts and Authors at SIAE
2020 European Artist of the Year Trophy issued by ART Expo under the patronage of the municipality of Cesenatico on 27 June 2020
2020 Palma d’oro Trophy Venice 19 September 2020 at Hotel Principe.

In the United States of America I am confirmed the possibility of being part of the American Green Card System with the release of VISA O1 – better called SPECIAL / UNIQUE TALENT, recognized only to famous actors – inventors – sportsmen – models, and therefore that thanks to his uniqueness and difference as an artist and woman he is given this incredible opportunity.
My talent on American and World soil represents what the Italian State has always distinguished itself for, the ability of Italians to undertake and invent.
Even today in the sector of building products for Amusement Park and Entertainment, I am the youngest woman worker and entrepreneur.

Every year, I specialize more and more in unique pieces for entertainment and mechanical art, in addition to the products of my competence, I am focusing on the production of medium-small size one-off pieces for art galleries.

I believe that the inspiration for women and people is that at any age and goal, everything can be possible by remembering within each of us that:
-If you believe in yourself Anything is Possible too the Impossible! If you believe in yourself, everything is Possible, even the Impossible .-
never stop dreaming because what you dream or visualize can materialize into reality if you want, just believe in yourself.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope I left you an inspiration, a thought, and a reason to say “I can do it” too, never stop believing in yourself.
Erika Tessarolo

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