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I want to be an inspiration.

yes i’m a Woman

but if you want you can! i’m the confirm that everything it is possible.

Tessarolo Erika ( Art Designer & Business Women)  was born in Desenzano del Garda  Italy on 14/04/1986.

Hello, thank you very much for visiting my website, I am Erika Tessarolo Italian Woman Entrepreneur, Artist & Designer, Creator, Business Women & CEO, present in the world market since 2006. (Italian Excellence in the World Award year 2021 Rome – Washington CC)
I was born in Italy but my dynasty has many mixes of various origins, I am the eldest of two daughters, and I grew up in an Italian family, my mother named Lorena housewife and director of an association, my sister Greta graphic designer and today , mother of two wonderful children, and my father named Ugo aka “Tex” entrepreneur / inventor in the Entertainment Sector.
I grew up with an entrepreneur father who always tried to take a way of his own path, he always did it without ever giving up.
By supporting him I was able to see what he was doing and what was happening around him, giving me the opportunity to see life with different eyes, for me it was the most important and concrete opportunity to be able to learn to understand who I really wanted to be my life , to become today the inspirational woman I always wanted to be.
That’s why I let you participate in a part of my life story, in order to be an inspiration for other Women and Men who sometimes have only a positive example or an incentive to take life in hand to change or improve it.
Thanks to every reader I could reach both the goal, that my message reaches more people, that my life of stimulus and example.
Always feel successful, commit yourself to achieving your dreams and goals.
From experience, I can say that many of us when we come into the world have trials to overcome, obstacles, victories, in cases for women it is much more difficult.
We are seen as objects, we venerate seen as “Not at the height” and if we are at the height we try in every way to stop, or not to get what we deserve, to achieve what we dream, obscuring our light that would be which would be inconvenient for many.
Fortunately, the world is changing, that those who are waking up and looking at things with different eyes, maybe finally it will be seriously understood that the collaboration between man and woman creates a version of what until now we were used to being and living.
Since I was little I felt the desire to reach my dreams and goals, to become what I wanted without imposed limits, sure of myself, I have always seen and lived my limiting culture, limiting ways of life and the thinking of limiting people. , the whole pre-established system to prevent and block only nascent and non-rising talents.
My classmates humiliated and mocked me and made fun of me for my family situation / social class, they tried to offend me with mortifying words, an elementary school child is not mentally prepared for such offenses, even if my instincts already at a young age he was to protect the honor of my family (my father humbly had a horse ranch as it was his only opportunity to support us he dedicated himself to that with sacrifice and many sacrifices, without ever missing anything until thanks to an idea started to change his life by becoming the game builder we know today)
Even during elementary, middle and high school I encountered difficulties, the operators belittled, (telling me words like: you will never be anyone, you are like animals, you will be a failure … and much more that I prefer not to add but these are words that I will never forget) all these situations tried to prevent the birth of my every dream or creative idea.
I remember one of the many episodes in middle school: the art teacher belittled me by telling me that I would never make it and that my school tests were horrible not enough and mediocre, so I put art aside by repressing one of my talents with which I express part of my essence, a law teacher told me that a stupid and ignorant person told me “but where do you want and where do you want to go ….” this didn’t stop my inner strength.
I decided to leave school exactly on the day of the high school graduation exam. “A piece of paper should never prove who I really am and I shouldn’t make a better person, only me by committing myself could become what I wanted.
It so happened that in the same period adverse phases of life involved various events: the poor working performance, the loss of the family home and the place where the business is based, unpaid credits that he had caused unexpected debts, etc.
(The company was founded in 1989 by my father in principle a success in the entertainment sector, flagship of Made in Italy entertainment, in 2004 the successes and the demand started to fail).

I therefore left school without graduating, choosing to to continue my life only with a middle school certificate, because time was running out and I could not lose any more, I had to save the company that with so much sacrifice had been created from nothing.
I also wanted to be different from all the other girls who preferred to find the shortest and easiest way, to get what they wanted, so ‘\ I decided, it was time to commit myself to fight and prove to myself that I could do it, not for others, also because for others it is never enough what you do and get, but to show it to myself and to those who have eyes and a true heart to see it, thus being an inspiration and an example to those like me who are repressed or they try to stop it.
The first important steps I took were to create my independence by going to live alone, I did it at the age of 17 I began to walk this path of growth, despite the normal fears I knew it was the thing to do to help me “Save what someone created without knowing exactly where to start “thus giving up knowing who Erika really was.

By tackling this path, I learned that life can crush you if you give too much confidence, and you surround yourself with the wrong people like scammers, people who live by taking advantage of the goodness of others, who are ready to take advantage of ideas that would never come to them.
The fundamental step is to understand it and make sure not to ignore the reality of the facts that surround you, of the signals you perceive, “not to work the old way” not to give confidence to anyone, not to help others first than yourself, to not to depend on others in your work and to be fully conscious and independent, not to talk too much until your projects are finished because there will always be someone who will feel envy and these energies despite being there, if it is always better to try to distance them and focus only on your own path. ”
I realized that at that moment in my life there was only the word “Save” in my mind, without thinking about the possible consequences and what I would have to go through to do so.
Disappointments, humiliations, economic and work difficulties that an 18-year-old girl shouldn’t face, or even take charge of them, but at that moment my family and my father’s dream came first of all even before myself.
I had to enter a predominantly male sector of work, which in fact had negative implications as “macho” situations towards me, basically the world of manual construction is male. (a few years ago he was a little more open to greater respect for women)
Even on these occasions, as in school, other challenges and similarities came up again but I already knew that I would never give up.
On the contrary, I encouraged myself to give my best without ever stooping, to compromise, without going “below”, and only I could tell and decide what to do and what not to do.
I also tried the legal way of protecting family assets and the family, looking for proof documents on everything that my family has had to suffer (abuse, scams, etc.). the more money you can win, or if you have knowledge you can do it even if you are wrong, and so … .. I tried to restore dignity to my family, I looked for legal documentation, deeds, evidence all in favor, but as I expected and as we know it works in most cases whoever wins and more (knowledge, money etc ..) and reality or truth remains in the last place, I realized that I was wasting important energies that I could have used better and only in my work and in my creativity.
Therefore I concentrated fully in the work to understand what was wrong, in the existing working methods, but above all by learning everything that I still had to learn, I have always thought that a good Leader, a good Entrepreneur must have total knowledge of his work and its products. even technically speaking if he wants everything to work perfectly to set an example for those who will help him.
To date I can say that I know how to do my job better than the expectations I had in the beginning and that I am completely independent.
I saved everything I could, with the only financial possibility I had (very little) by putting myself to the test every day, I still don’t stop doing it,
You learn to work on the front line by touching first of all with your hand, mechanics, electronics, technicality of design, welding, resin coating, art, sewing practically learning to do everything, and improving everything that had been created in the past.
Thus leading to real change and a luxury, impossible to copy, an artistic version of the whole work, nevertheless it will always remain a heavy work both physically and mentally for a man for a woman much more.
In this regard, I thank my father for giving me the opportunity to learn a profession even at a minor age, although no one wanted to teach me I looked at the work, I looked at him, the collaborators and the employees, and while in my mind I stored the information, I realized every more day I could do better that their methods were completely wrong, these mistakes gave me the opportunity not to make the same mistakes and to proceed in the direction chosen by me including one of my most important dreams: to be a World Excellence .

These episodes of life have given me the certainty and the conviction to firmly believe in my power and in my abilities that have transformed a job that was not part of my dreams, into part of my dreams reachable thanks to this work, fighting against the adversities, the difficulties that I still face today by giving my best not to give up so that everything I think and dream can materialize into reality.
That’s why inspired by that artistic sense (obscured and repressed since a young age) innate and indomitable within me, I decided to transform this work into my own creation of art in every single project, action and thought, thus giving life to Art and Entertainment, which expresses what my imagination transmits through my hands by materializing what I visualize.
I transformed all production into a fusion of art, electronics, mechanics, software, recycling, constantly seeking innovation, technological entertainment, unique in its kind but above all of excellence and incomparable.
Taking this choice, I knew within myself that new obstacles, challenges and opportunities would arise, it was my passion, compliance, willpower combined with an innate creativity, which gave me the courage to face the challenges that presented themselves. without ever giving up.
The decision to approach art, (despite the insecurities and fears that I had dragged along since I was a child) gave me the opportunity to search within myself my true expression, my singular uniqueness creativity by transforming the imagination into reality, albeit having a pre-set activity for years was how I faced the change.
I modeled old styles of glass-resin series molds (thus recycling 90% of the material) into new and unique pieces of art covered and molded from recycled foam and leather, a material that no one would use in the recycling of products, (such as eg foam and resin that would pollute), reuse always takes place guaranteeing efficiency, safety, quality and uniqueness Made in Italy – Made in Brescia.
It is our duty to help save the planet with every single action that is why if a good manufacturer chooses to produce with truly high quality materials, the same materials can be reused precisely, first of all I decided to make it visible to everyone through the youtube channel. company all the videos of my artistic workings and recycling / reuse of products also from 1989.
I chose art because it can be a means of happiness of beauty of expression of cultural entertainment, but above all a possibility of earning within everyone’s reach and no longer just a static piece for galleries or exhibitions.
As a result, another mandatory change was also created, the corporate political one. I have lost many customers who do not have the same vision as me, but I have obtained others who appreciate first of all my person, my principles and my work.
By creating a more complex system, which needs much more time dedicated to people, but which reflects me more, making the “Business Purpose”: it turns into a collaboration between “People & People and Not Numbers”.
“Behind everything and action there is a person, there are feelings, there are families”
For me, my clients are like part of the “Family”, in each of my creations there is an expression of my soul inside, which is why it is impossible to treat customers only as a number.

It is not easy to meet people with the same vision we have, but I firmly believe that principles, reliability, correctness, seriousness and punctuality must always be in the first place, which is why I prefer to choose to surround myself with the right people and customers who know how to give. the correct value to products, people and business.
I remember some of the anecdotes that occurred in the past especially in the beginning and that for this reason changed my life, for a woman to find herself in a predominantly male market and sector where you represent the primary figure is not as simple as I say you have to be sure of yourself themselves, to know exactly who you are and to be centered so as not to lose sight of the goal and not to allow anyone not to be even considered (because a woman), not to be taken seriously with a tendency to be ignored, unless you stoop to unreasonable or physical compromises (which I do not tolerate and would never accept), that’s why over the years I have learned to eliminate unnecessary people and customers, replacing them only with fundamental people and customers with my own line of thought, a clean break that even economically did not help but I can say that it was the best choice I made in my life.
Many who are looking for one of my products (also looking for possible substitutes for my products) know exactly that in my sector they are the best in terms of technology, quality, safety, professionalism ‘but above all on a human level.
Despite this, despite the experience and professionalism that I reserve, many do not intend to work with me precisely because they only see a Woman ….
For me this is a further incentive to fight and never give up, pursuing and persisting in the fight against my ideals, trying to transmit and disseminate them as much as possible.
A woman, a human being can be everything she wants only if she really wants it: intelligent, with heart, with beauty, with genius and inner spirit, even a predominantly male job for a woman does not allow to take care of oneself as a woman. any woman who has a normal life, but this is the simple consequence of the choices a person makes if he believes in what he does always and in any case.
As a child I had many dreams, not only to be recognized for what I deserved, and to be seen as the No. 1 in the world in my sector, I also wanted to be a veterinarian / model / dancer / artist / manager / CEO etc., to date I can say in addition to what I have always done I have always tried to range also in other sectors always succeeding very well, all to prove to myself that whatever I chose to do I would have done it well and successfully.
I am proof, “if you want you can, just believe in yourself”
Thanks to all the choices, various opportunities arose in my life created as a result, among which most important of all for me are the business trips that I exploited to the maximum to open my mind and make me a more enriched person inside (heart, mind , spirit), knowing people, cultures, countries, jobs, events all that a person like me can dream of.
This has helped me to offer the maximum service and competence to all my customers around the world), the journey has really brought me closer to the culture of my various customers, making me feel complete and making my customer feel as if choosing me or my services could feel safe.
Traveling has also helped me to remove all the limits imposed by my culture, by society, by fears, making me become the Woman I am today.
I learned to share, to help, thus creating a better future for me for those around me and also for my clients, that’s why I don’t consider the people I work with as numbers but as people … because it’s also in their hands that is my future.
(word of mouth is the most important and fundamental thing – behave well, be honest and others will look for you, you won’t have to look for it)
During the wonderful adventures to the United States I also had the opportunity to visit a church and a square dedicated to the Uncle by Nonna Paterna Maria “Demo”.
The Demo family known in New York precisely for the incredible deeds of Father Demo Antonio (of good example, inspiration and altruism), pastor of one of the most famous churches in New York, savior of refugees and asylum seekers, called Father Demo Square Bleecker St & Carmine St, New York, NY 10014, United States, I was fascinated and inspired, filling my heart with happiness and pride.
I also fulfilled one of my many dreams, being a “model / model” landed in Miami, a country that is entirely possible. To my great joy and luck I was able to crown one of my dreams by allowing me to be a model, an extra in a film , giving for certainty the proof that a woman can be feminine and masculine at the same time, that even in this case the limit does not exist.
That’s why even today for me every day is an opportunity to always reach a new goal, this innate spirit of warrior has allowed me to earn awards worldwide and nationally, every day I create a new dream for myself, a new goal and each time persisting and never giving up my dreams come true:
2014 The United States talks about my products as the “Ferrari of Mechanical Bulls”
2015 Award “Women who have done it” Expo 2015 edition, (Lifetime Achievement Award)
the awarding of the Prize, positively evaluating her commitment to the world of work, for her professional growth and for the enthusiasm combined with the creativity she shows in every relationship opportunity ”
2017 Young Italian Artists accepts registration as an emerging Italian artist
2018 Women in Art Recognition of the Emerging Artist of Art by the National Association for the Research and Protection of Antiques and Fine Arts.
2018 Minerva D ’oro Young Entrepreneur Award from Manerba del Garda (she was able to export her business to America and the world by making the name of Manerba known even beyond the ocean)
2019 Enegan Luce e Gas chose Erika as the Face for the new Campaign – Save the Planet – committed to Recycling, Erika and Show Games currently recycle 85% of the materials used for production.
2019 Confirmation of acceptance by SIAE as an Italian Artist for other types of Visual Arts and Authors at SIAE
2020 European Artist of the Year Trophy issued by ART Expo under the patronage of the municipality of Cesenatico on 27 June 2020
2020 Palma d’oro Trophy Venice 19 September 2020 at Hotel Principe.
2021 Italian Excellence Award October 2021 (Rome – Washington d.c) (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Just in 2021 to my great surprise, emotion and gratitude, I was nominated without my knowledge for the Italian Excellence award (by the dearest Prof. Massimo Lucidi / The map Report / Ermete Realacci) thanks to these people who believed in me, in my work , they awarded me this magnificent honor, just to crown one of my dreams to make my land my country recognize my individual skills and abilities already known worldwide (Italian Excellence Award: “a Woman Entrepreneur Artisan with extraordinary ability ‘of enterprise and dexterity worthy of the most beautiful Renaissance creative season “), in Rome everything seemed magical, elegance, positivity, beauty, refinement and for one day I too felt part of that magic in my heart I carried all those women like me who they deserve to experience the accolades and the sensations I felt, that’s why it is essential for me to be inspirational.

Cit. Erika Tessarolo Rome 10/15/2021
“When you have dreams you must never stop believing in them, believing in yourself, believing in our power that allows us to achieve what we want most.
I learned to materialize what he thought, what I dream and my daily commitment is to make it come true.
I always knew what I wanted and what kind of person I wanted to be.
Even if from an early age, the society, the situation, the school has always made me feel the wrong one, the one that would never arrive, the one that is not able, the different one, the one with a mentality and vision that is not understood, the one that without a diploma he is nobody.
They tried to condition my thinking, to put out my fire, to block me but to no avail.
A girl from the Municipality of Manerba del Garda with HER only strength despite her difficulties has always stood up and looked forward without any kind of limit.
She made herself known to the world without masks but with the genuine truth of simply being her, direct, straightforward, without any construction, no double face.
With the simplicity and humility of being human to treat each person as a brother and not as a number because for me we are all the same (rich poor white black yellow green) we are all a family.
To have suffered, to have won, to have tried, to have cried, to have smiled, without ever hiding, to have helped people who have changed their lives with a single gesture of love.
Without being afraid of getting your hands dirty, of learning, of creating, of realizing, of building, of not being able to do it.
Always at the forefront despite the fact that even today part of society believes that a woman is not able to perform a predominantly male job, at the height of how a man would do it.
NOT THAT, I am proof we can do even better!
And this does not make me superior, but it contributes to the evolution of a better version of society, of those who want to learn and improve themselves and then pass it on to others.
This award is for me, and for women like me I am proud of myself, I am proud of you, never give up.
I said that I would be an Excellency in the World and I am, but what is more worthwhile is when your homeland starts to see it.
Thanks to Massimo Lucidi Ermete Realacci Italian Excellence AwardThe Map ReportLorena Bortolotti Ugo TessaroloGreta TessaroloYamil GuerraChiara GuardiniCarlotta Natalini “The Voice of the Community of Manerba” Moreno Garcia Anmar Algarin Mora Vivianna Vieira Gallucci Lyvana Queen Numa Sbaraini Mirko Pacione Francesco Patrignani delva Viridani Silvana Garda and all the people in the world who believed in me.
We are creators of our future and I want to be that part that has contributed to the improvement of a future that today seems dark but will be bright, love always wins in the end. ”
Another great opportunity has opened in the United state of American and I have been confirmed the possibility of being able to apply directly through a special visa named O1 called SPECIAL / UNIQUE TALENT (Green Card) to officially be part of their territory as a Citizen (this type of special visa is normally issued only to famous actors – inventors – sportsmen – models – singers etc.
My talent and my uniqueness on American soil represents what the Italian state has always distinguished itself for, the ability of Italians to undertake, invent, create being true craftsmen.
Despite this great opportunity, I am still in Italy choosing Made in Italy, I am convinced that our country should not let talents go away from its territory but give them the right value and support, still today worldwide in the sector of construction of entertainment products. mechanical art and mechanical design, I am the youngest woman worker and entrepreneur.
Every year I specialize more and more, unique innovation, quality and uniqueness.
During this lock down I invented, designed and built various new products including Mitwaiver.it software that will revolutionize the way of working already nominated for the Italian Excellence 2022 award.
That all this is an inspiration for people and that at any age and goal, everything can be possible by remembering within each of us that:
-If you believe in yourself Anything is Possible too the Impossible! –
– If you believe in yourself, everything is Possible, even the Impossible! .-
For everything to become possible, the secret is to believe in yourself no one else has to do it but only you.

Erika Tessarolo
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