In the world of work since 2006, who is Erika Tessarolo?

I’m Erika Tessarolo, an Awarded Art Designer and Entrepreneur, Author, Inventor, Business Women, Creator and CEO of Show Games Italy and USA, M-Art Technology srl.
– to inspire others Women-
I am open to new collaborations and experiences, i hope many Women’s come here for take inspiration.
“I would like to be an inspiration for other people, i want tell you: if you want you can do it, if you can imagine you can creating, and I’m the proof of that.”
I’m specialized in the production of Electro – Mechanical Arts and more, even for entertainment scope or just Art, i’m engadged recycle all material possible to help the Planet.

Erika it is a certified Artist:

Erika carries out all its business in a unique group M.Art Technology, where the impossible become possible. – – – 

Fusion of Arts

Electronic – Mechanism – Mechatronic 

A difficult life path, a struggle against the system.

She never give up, in a male-only industry.

A woman stands out, to inspire other women.

Life History

Discover the History

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